Help with HelpMELaw

The HelpMeLaw website has four parts: Search, Legal Library, Helpful Organizations and Maine Courts.  Here are tips, if you need them, for using each of these four functions.


The search engine is the quickest and easiest way to find help with a legal problem or question. If you enter your county, age and income information, along with your search, you will see what online information there is about your problem, along with contact information for offices that might be able to help you with that problem.

The search results link  to the websites of the organizations or agencies that provided the information. Most of that information doesn't exist on the HelpMeLaw website. The link will open a new window. To get back to HelpMeLaw, just close that window and the HelpMELaw window will reappear.

If the search engine doesn't lead you to the information you need, you might try looking through our Legal Library, or contacting one of the groups on the Helpful Organizations page.

Legal Library

The Legal Library has information about lots of legal issues and problems affecting Maine low-income, disabled and elderly people. If you don't find what you need using the search engine, you might want to look through the library. It doesn't have information about every problem, and doesn't have much about criminal law, but it's worth taking a look. The library information is in "folders" on main library "shelves." Follow the links to drill down into the library folders.

The information in the Library actually sits on the websites of the organizations that produced it. If you find wrong or outdated informatin, contact us and the organization that created the information. We want to keep the Library correct and up to date.

Helpful Organizations

The Helpful Organizations page gives information about statewide organizations that provide legal help to low-income, disabled and elderly Maine people. We've linked to each of those organizations' websites where you can find out more about them. Find other local organizations by putting your county, age and income information into the search engine.

Maine Courts

The section on the Maine Courts offers links to some of the Courts' most useful online content. We also link form here to Pine Tree Legal's interactive court forms.