Common Court Procedures
Small Claims, Fee Waivers, Personal Injury, Name Change, Criminal Cases, OUI, Appeals
Lemon Laws, New Car Warranties, Telephone Sales Fraud, Bankruptcy, Debt Collection, Unfair Trade Practices
Special Education, Rights of Homeless Students to Attend School, Student Loan Default
Elder Law
Guardianship, Power of Attorney, Probate, Long Term Health Care, Nursing Home Issues
Unemployment Insurance, Rights of Workers, Job Discrimination, If You Lose Your Job, Job Training, Finding a Job, Pensions
Family Law
Divorce, Parental Rights, Paternity, Child Support, Guardianship, Protection from Abuse
Health Care
MaineCare, Medicare, Nursing Homes, Free Hospital Care, Health Care Advance Directives (Living Wills)
Rights of Tenants, Homeowner Rights, House Foreclosure, Property Taxes, Safe Housing
Permanent Residence, Temporary Legal Status, INS Work Authorization, Public Benefits and Tax Issues, Answers to Questions
Individual / Civil Rights
Disability Rights, Constitutional Rights, Protection from Harassment, Prisoners' Rights
Juvenile Courts, emancipation, employment protections (for school issues, including special education, see "Education")
Finding a Lawyer, Criminal Law, OUI, Free Lawyers for Criminal Defendants
Native Americans
Jay Treaty, Cross Border Issues, Tribal Courts,  Indian Child Welfare Act
Public Benefits / Cash Assistance
Social Security Disability, SSI, Food Supplements, TANF-ASPIRE, Energy Assistance, WIC, and more
Income Taxes, Tax Credits, EITC, Injured Spouse, Problems with the IRS, Help with Property Taxes
Veterans and Military
Maine Laws that help servicemembers and veterans