Public Libraries as Partners

During 2010 Maine's Justice Action Group initiated a partnership with public libraries. It is our hope that many Maine public libraries will participate in this partnership by helping their patrons discover and learn to use the self-help resources offered through HelpMELaw. We know, for example, that many people need to file court forms asking for divorce orders. Through HelpMELaw librarians can help their patrons find easy-to-use interactive tools for preparing those court forms.

Here are some training resources for librarians, to support them in joining this outreach effort:
Power Point presentations from 2010 trainings for librarians
How to place a HelpMELaw link on your public computer desktops

As our partnership grows, we will be adding more links and resources here:

Stateside Legal Easy-to-read legal resources for military members, veterans and their families. A national website created by Pine Tree Legal Assistance. (To date, Stateside Legal content has not been incorporated into the HelpMELaw search engine.)